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Jen Esparza is a dynamic professional speaker who gets to the heart of what small business owners need to succeed. Offering a variety of speaker topics, Jen reaches the audience with her authentic transparency and offers her audience actionable tools to help them thrive.

Got a crowd or looking for a podcast guest? See below for some of her topics covered or reach out if you have a specific need. Jen also offers personalized team training, business coaching and a variety of services. Schedule a meeting to learn more.

  • Branding: Stand Out, Be Memorable
  • Making Sense of Marketing
  • Maximize Social Media for Business Growth
  • Time Management for Busy Professionals
  • Strategic Marketing: Who, What and is it Effective?
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Speaking Topics

Branding: Stand Out, Be Memorable
Do you feel lost in a sea of competitors? Struggling to differentiate yourself and generate sales? This talk is ideal for professionals in saturated industries (e.g., insurance agents, real estate professionals) looking to carve out their unique identity.

Making Sense of Marketing
You started your business because of your expertise, not to become a marketing guru. If you’re a small business owner overwhelmed by marketing options, this talk will demystify the process and guide you toward the right marketing approach.

Maximizing Social Media for Business Growth
You’ve set up your social media accounts, but what’s next? Discover which platforms suit your business best and learn to craft engaging posts that drive customer engagement and conversions.

Time Management for Busy Professionals
If you’ve uncovered the secret to more hours in the day, please do share. Otherwise, like the rest of us, you’re probably struggling to make the most of your 24 hours. Gain insights into developing habits and making decisions that bring balance and success within reach.

Strategic Marketing: Who, What, and is it Effective?
Random marketing efforts can drain your resources. Before diving into marketing, you need a solid strategy aligned with your goals and scalability. Let’s lay the groundwork for your success journey.