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Finding Focus: Email

    Have you heard of Google and Yahoo’s new sender requirements, effective February 2024? Don’t leave marketing dollars on the table by accidentally letting your emails land in spam. If you dive into the requirement details you may see that it applies to large senders today but this will likely become a requirement for all senders in the future. This move is to help reduce spam and deliver you email you actually want. Overall it’s a good thing!

    What does this mean to you in business?

      1. Use an email address you can authenticate (Not because that could be anyone, they want to authenticate you are who you say you are).

      1. All bulk emails need a one-click unsubscribe button (you should be using an email marketing platform).

      1. Keep a low spam rate threshold (send email to people who agreed to be on your list and don’t overdo it).

    Besides this new crackdown, here are three other crucial reasons you should adhere to these new rules:

      1. Having a professional email is one of the simplest things you can do to upgrade your business’s creditability with potential customers. Having an email from a generic email host conveys that perhaps this is a hobby business, that you’re not serious about your job. Email using your website domain name is super inexpensive!

      1. Generic emails give away free advertising space! When I send or give my email people see and read my business name. Stop advertising for Google or Yahoo and use that prime real estate to give your business name extra visibility.

      1. Generic emails get flagged and put in spam quickly if you’re sending in bulk. Without an authenticated email from your web domain, you may be wasting your time on newsletters and emails that end up in the spam folder.

    This is one of those things that gets passed on the to-do list because you have so many other things you’d rather do. But it’s IMPORTANT! If you have questions or need help setting this up, please reach out!